Every day is a bonus

Stepping out at 6am in the middle of June in Dubai and not facing a blanket of humidity is a huge bonus. Not the prettiest of skies but a freshness in the air, so I walked to the sea.
All pics taken with my iPhone 4S and blogged via WordPress app direct from phone.

Hello Kitty

The strangest thing I’ve seen appear from a bin in a long time


Picnics and paddleboarders

Breakfast picnics and paddleboarders


The rising sun

The rising sun over the park



Fish for sale in the dhow building yard


Sorting the fish

Sorting the fish



Freshly caught King fish


house front

One of my favourite houses has been given a paint job


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About Sally

Expat in Dubai exploring the world through food, drink and travel.

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  1. Interesting Miss Kitty inflatable in the dumpster:-)

    Love the fresh fish.

    P x

  2. I love your blog. Thank you for some nice photographs.

  3. Hi Sally, Love the photos, especially the bin shot.

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